Join Our Growing Association of Churches that Are United in Support of Israel

Israel is at the Center of

God's Prophetic Plan for the World

Joining with CUWI places you at "Ground Zero" in the spiritual battle for Jerusalem.

The Jerusalem World Center is an incredible, miraculous, prohetic answer to prayer! The building is a prayer headquarters for the world, and a home to a museum for Christian Zionism - a witness to God's Chosen People of the role Christians played in the planning, creation, rebirth, and survival of the Jewish State.

CUWI is Supporting Israel

in Every Way We Can Possibly Help

Your support enables us to have relationships that shape history and influence world events.

I'm asking your church to stand up and be among the long line of heroes down through the centuries who have done their part to protect and defend the Jewish people from destruction. As you join Churches United With Israel, your partnership will convey the message that Christians all around the world support Israel, pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122:6), and want God's prophetic plans to be fulfilled.